I worked in a marketing department of three people and had a lot of different projects that I was assigned. Early into my role here, I was assigned to design a new website for the company. In order to do this, they had to outsource a web development team. I provided the development team with designs, photos, and other various content. It had been a project they had been waiting for years to complete and I got the job done.

There was a lot of room for growth at Barrett and I seized that opportunity. When I started here, the gun manuals were plaintext documents printed out and stapled together. I took this as a project to redesign all of the manuals with new CAD drawings in a booklet form. I worked with engineering and leadership and produced a new manual to match the brand standard.

Throughout my time here I conducted an immense amount of research, maintained socials, worked on logistics and budgets for trade shows, and designed various swag for the company’s web store. I am a very well-rounded individual and am is capable of doing a lot of different things outside of just design. I enjoyed this position very much and hope to work a similar role in the future.

Website Redesign
Social Media Management

Packaging Design

Manual Designs
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