Dollar General

DGX Accordion Brochure

Working with a group creative director, we created these brochures for their store opening.



Dollar General Bowl Game Ads

I was given the opportunity to create these two ads for the client’s bowl game program.

DGBowl_2017__HolidayDGBowl_2017__Every Day

Market Circular

Each week the Dollar General Market sends out a weekly circular all over the country. There are usually around 21 versions. The versions vary in alcohol prices and other specials according to the area (i.e. east coast vs. west coast pricing). It is a very delicate, detail oriented process. It all starts once layout is approved by the client. First, certain products are grouped to become ‘heroes’. The ‘heroes’ are images manipulated in Photoshop to have reflections, grounding and cast shadows. After the heroes are complete we send out for color proofs. This requires me to through a production checklist in InDesign. I look at the inks, character styles, images, formats, spelling, alignment and so on. Once we receive the color proofs back from the printer, we proof them as a team. They then go back to the client for one last approval. Once approved, we make the different versions. We print out all versions proofing them again for what we call ‘pre-upload’. After that is complete, we upload the documents to a News America FTP. The next day we go through another round of proofing called ‘post upload’ and check once more for any discrepancies. It’s a long process but necessary based on the printing costs and meeting the buyers needs. However, I believe there is a better digital solution that would be a better process in order to save paper.


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