NFL & Verizon

While contracting with Momentum, this was the biggest freelance project Lauren has ever worked on. With an immediate team of about six, they had sixteen stadiums to decorate and eighteen teams to produce for. Hired on with one other contractor, Lauren managed and secured all of the assets. Between her and the other contractor, they often divided and conquered the work at hand. They designed ribbon ads, video boards, entry pylons, online ads, concourse mega prints, and much more. They both had to sacrifice a couple of late nights in order to finish all of their work, but everything was always completed.

Lauren enjoyed working with Verizon because they have strict brand standards that make mathematical sense. She was inspired by these standards because logical math is what makes impeccable design. This is a project she takes great pride in because of the roots of her first internship working with the football team at the University of Alabama.

Video-board advertising Verizon MultiView